Lunar Dunes – From Above

One can be sure, Lunar Dunes’ From Above is an album which without a doubt has the potential to reawaken all of the fellow psychedelic/spacey/kraut rock mammoths that seem to have been frozen for the last few decades. The musicians behind this record probably know how hard it is is to make a successful mix of old and new styles and simultaneously please all of the fans who are thirsty for more psychedelic music. I’m more than pleased; I introduced myself to this album without any expectations, although the cover art looked very promising. It fulfilled any that I could have had.

If From Above would be a recipe, these might be the ingredients:  Can at the core, Ozric Tentacles’ groove, King Crimson’s experimentation, Black Sabbath’s doom, Coltrane’s sense for rhythm, In the Woods’ depth…

I’m afraid that I wasn’t convincing enough in my description of what that this UK trio served on their debut opus, thus I will try a bit harder. I guess that majority of you people are familiar with early Floyd’s spaciness. The Can/Amon Düül fanatics already know what’s in the basis of their sound, and that basic is added to From Above’s formula. And do I have to tell anything about the rhythm Coltrane/Davis used to have their albums? Or about the pure energy of Deep Purple/Led Zeppelin? The Twisted nature of the Mars Volta or Popol Vuh? To conclude, I’m sure any of you will find something interesting in this psychedelic-space-prog-krautrock-freejazz-postpunk combination.

At the end of this review, all I want to say is: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Sorry folks, I’m in hurry to push the PLAY button once again… And again.


  1. From Above
  2. As Below
  3. Herzegovina (interpolating Le Petit Chevalier)
  4. Loophole
  5. The Todal Gleeps
  6. Seaspray
  7. Yaman
  8. Rowing Boat
  9. When I Was on Horseback

10. Scissorbell

11.  My Lagan Love

12.  Scatter


* Adam Blake – guitar, organ, vibes

* Hami – drums, percussion, programming, organ, glockenspiel

* Ian Blackaby – fretless bass


* Caroline Lavelle – cello on My Lagan Love

* Krupa – vocals on Herzegovina (interpolating Le Petit Chevalier)

* Sheema Mukherjee – tampora on When I Was on Horseback


Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.

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