Lüger – Lüger

Fresh psychedelic krautrock from Spain!
It is not so common to listen to a Spanish band with some kraut influences, but Lüger does it and so well. Once again I took advantage of the internet facility and downloaded for free their self-titled debut album from their website (it is also available via last.fm) and since the first listen I felt impressed and enjoyed what I heard.

This young band released their first album in this 2010, so we can expect more from them in the near future, at least I do. The eponymous features seven compositions and a total time of 37 minutes. It kicks off with “Spotted Introspective Female Firecracker” whose electronic sound reminds me to some seventies acts such as Tangerine Dream or Heldon. This song is a bit slow and may take a couple of minutes to get used to it, and you better wait, because the next ones are better.

“Swastika Sweetheart” will make you move your head and open the gates to the psychedelic realm. Though the music could be repetitive, you will not feel bored, on the other hand that repetitiveness will cause an addiction and you will enjoy the whole song. Here there are vocals in English, and to be honest it reminds me a bit of Kula Shaker.

“Die Sonne Muss Untergehen!” shows that strong German influence they have, if you had a doubt about their label as a kraut-rock band, then you here will understand why. This is another interesting instrumental track whose first two minutes are again repetitive but addictive, in a mid-tempo time it starts to grow just before minute three. I love the guitars and keyboard sound, they put several elements during the whole song which make it better. The last minute is stronger, and the addition of drums makes it powerful.

“Bedlam in a Sugar Plum Fairy Reception” is the shortest track with less than three minutes. It gives the sensation of joy, I imagine people cheering in the street. Nice short song, of course, not the best. “Why Should I Care?” reminds me to the second track, that evident psychedelic feeling has been placed here once again, the keyboards and raw guitars are excellent, bass and drums also play their role, and vocals are pretty nice, I really enjoy it.

“Portrait of a Distant Look” is another excellent track that follows that psych/kraut path that Lüger’s music suggests. The keyboard sound all over the song is amazing, but it is worth mentioning the addictive bass sound that never disappears and maintains the music in the same line. The vocals are good again, and after a short stop, just before minute three the song becomes even better. It is probably my favorite from this album. Excellent!

Finally, “La Fin Absolue Du Monde” , i know, after singing in English and having a previous song with a German title, now the finish with one french titled song, I don’t really know why that three language mix, but it is not really important when the music is great. This is a faster song with a peculiar sound, the guitars are well played and placed, drums and keyboards always making a good job. This is another psychedelic addictive song, though I have to admit that in moments the album sounds way too repetitive, it does not fail.

I am very pleased with this debut album, and now I am looking forward to their second effort. People you can go to Lüger website and download it for free, if you like psychedelic music, then you must do it, I highly recommend it.

Enjoy it!

1. Spotted Introspective Female Firecracker (6:38)
2. Swastika Sweetheart (7:04)
3. Die Sonne Muss Untergehen! (5:40)
4. Bedlam In A Sugar Plum Fairy Reception (2:30)
5. Why Should I Care? (5:15)
6. Portrait Of A Distant Look (4:49)
7. La Fin Absolue Du Monde (4:50)

Total Time: 36:46

* Diego – guitar, main vocals
* Dani – bass, vocals
* Mario – organ, synth, vocals
* Rulo – drums, samplers, effects, vocals
* Lopin – floor tom, metal sheets, percussion



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