Album Review: Logical Terror – Ashes of Fate

Logical Terror - Ashes of Fate

Four years ago, Logical Terror came out of nowhere (Modena in Italy, to be exact) to surprise us with their brand of modern groove styled metalcore on Almost Human. You can call it modern metal, but the band sounded like a mix of Killswitch Engage and In Flames. The band equally pushed melody and meaty low-end to the forefront. Now, four years later, they are back with their sophomore studio album Ashes of Fate. Do they succeed in improving reaching their potential? It definitely feels so.

Fortunately, Ashes of Fate builds upon Almost Human but doesn’t lack to introduce something new in the mix. One of the very best observations that I can make regarding the new album is in its song construction. The guitars speak for themselves on this record, which will appeal to people like myself. Another highlight are vocals that continuously change from cleans to screams to growls. It’s worth mentioning that Logical Terror features two singers in their line-up.

There’s a definite groove prevalence on Ashes of Fate that feels equally influenced by the old (thrash, Pantera) and new (djent, metalcore), and while it’s probably not safe to say Logical Terror have the most unique sound in the world, they have a sense of self-purpose that elevates even the more familiar moments.

Ashes of Fate is chocked full of menacing, groove-oriented riffing and a retro-fitted live recording style that work (to be fair, mostly) well together to create a nice and heavy package. Logical Terror don’t seem to care to win any awards for most original, and that’s perfectly fine here. For those looking for pit-ready anthems that recall Pantera, Lamb of God, and In Flames equally with addition of Periphery and Gojira, Logical Terror have just the stuff for you.


1. 10000 Falls
2. The World Was Mine
3. Nowhere To Nowhere
4. Shattered Crown
5. Ashes Of Fate
6. Sleep Well The Darkest Night
7. The Long Descent
8. Another Day Gone
9. Coming Undone





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