Last Scattering – Eidolon

Last Scattering - Eidolon

Six-piece progressive death metal band hailing from Ontario, Canada, Last Scattering were formed in 2012. Eidolon is their very first effort, showcasing a singular ability to juggle subtlety and aggressiveness.

This album is a controlled chaos where spastic, blasting, crushing and galloping rhythms meet in turn stunning mesmerizing guitars for a cathartic effect. Though the major part of the material is constituted of raging mammoth attacks, the nightmarish and apocalyptic sequences are  counterbalanced by a few serene moments. In fact, we are enchanted by the mystic overture with its middle-eastern flavour and by the fairy-like interlude Mystic pizza. The sad interlude The construct, but also a crimsonian stick-like guitar here and there, jam-like passages, an accordion on Black birdies, and an acoustic guitar on Matt Damon, will also temper the angry outbursts of our six lads. The jam obsession is even further enhanced in the very end of the closing ghost song, opened with a surprising doo-wop improvisation. And in term of voices, they are as contrasted as the music. In fact, on one hand, commanding harsh syllabic vocals, supported by scary shouts, deliver slowly and with finesse their rage (no oxymoron here!) in the listener’s ears, like the plague spreading death on a village. Their scaring power reaches heights on the closing track. Some clean solemn vocals bring hope in the maze of terror. All voices are delivered with a lot of conviction and passion. Given the broad spectrum of vocals and ambiances, the whole might have sounded disjointed, but instead it flows like a river.

Vibrant, apocalyptic, blasting, crushing, blistering, mesmerizing, loud, the demonic music of Last Scattering is an invitation to Hades’ underworld. But, at the end of our journey, we come out invigorated and more fortunate than Orpheus following the loss of Eurydice.


01 A Thousand Khets

02 Compound Fiasco

03 GibGib

04 The Construct

05 Black Birdies

06 Obscenificator

07 Mystic Pizza

08 Matt Damon


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