Koronal – Flicker Away

Koronal - Flicker Away

Take all your prejudices out about the djent genre and extended range guitars, and let’s focus on the music itself. Flicker Away is the debut full-length album by Polish metal outfit Koronal. The thing that can easily be comprehended from the very beginning of this album is that Koronal is a heavy, very heavy band. The album is full of riffs and interesting ideas, ranging from modern and technical to melodic and atmospheric.

The band manages to sound modern and atmospheric, their music is heavy, but also dark. Probably that draws them a parallel with Swedish masters Meshuggah.

Flicker Away is quite an exciting discovery as it allows a keener sense of attention to be paid to what the band are actually getting up to in the instrument department. There is a huge ground the band covers through the instrumentation what is well rounded with vocals by Piotr Zurawski. Guitarists Piotr Chmielecki and Przemyslaw Terlik do a fair interchange of heavy and groovy riffs along with solos that are mostly slow-paced. The rhythm section comprised of Patryk Malinowski on bass and Mateusz Sawicki on drums amazes nothing less, and for the music Koronal makes their share if of huge importance.

Flicker Away is stunningly beautiful and filled with a dark energy that is often hard to find in the copycat genre in which Koronal are boundary pushers. This album is perfect for those in need of a fast and furious djent fix with the occasional unexpected interlude that will take you by surprise. If you like Meshuggah, Decapitated and some Periphery, then this album is perfect for you.


1. Scarred Protector 05:45
2. Descendants 04:18
3. Awaken 04:52
4. Skyward 05:17
5. Fabric of Reality 05:02
6. Usurper 05:14
7. Ringshine 07:36


* Piotr Żurawski – vocals
* Piotr Chmielecki – guitars
* Patryk Malinowski – bass
* Przemysław Terlik – guitars
* Mateusz Sawicki – drums




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