Kevin Serra – Mirage Reflection

Kevin Serra - Mirage Reflection

Session guitarist and teacher, accompanied by his mate of Quantum Legacy, James Carta on drums, Kevin Serra released with Mirage Reflection an album of pure guitar brilliance, in the vein of the productions of the Shrapnel Records label (instrumental metal with a jazz-fusion flair).

So, you will ask me, is that just another “tumeni notes” guitarist? And I will answer that, far from using his quickness as a means to compete with other guitarists for the prize of the fastest guitarist on earth, Kevin uses his skills purposedly: in order to develop melodic themes on one hand, and dance themes on the other hand.

Kevin Serra

First the melody. It runs all along the album with notes delicately “chanting” and filled with various emotions. Notes can be joyful (Honour the Brave), cautious (Rising Aura), weeping (the chorus of Acid Dream), laughing (Mirage Reflection), or amazed (Optic Red). Then the dance: the swirling guitar accompanied by dancing drums (Honour the Brave, Rising Aura), is like a farandole, while the electro-acoustic arabesques of Acid Dream bear images of arabic dances.

Besides, in order to give a dramatic dimension to the music, very sparse menacing Sherinian-like keyboard solos spice up the last three tracks. Drums are ubiquitous, and elegant marching patterns, supported by amazing dancing cymbals, alternate with creative rhythm changes. Kevin is not another guitarist who recorded an album just to flatter his ego or show that he can play faster than anyone else. Instead, he offers us an album of heartfelt music, played with lots of passion and which will always amaze you after repeated listens.

Give it a try, this is some of the best guitar-oriented music recorded in ages.


01. Honour Thy Brave
02. Rising Aura
03. Mirage Reflection
04. Acid Dream
05. Optic Red


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