Karda Estra – Weird Tales

And I said once again because Karda Estra have never let me down, I like all the albums I have listened so far, all are full of beautiful elements that give me worth listening moments. Now I am eagerly waiting for their upcoming album. Meanwhile, I can write some words for Richard Wileman’s last child, entitled “Weird Tales” and released a couple of years ago (2009), an album that one who already know Karda Estra’s music will love.

The album features eight compositions that make a total time of 42 minutes, all those tracks were inspired by different artistic things (or artists) such as paintings, stories, books, etc., this is explained in the CD booklet. “The Whistable Host” is the one that opens the album, it is also the shortest composition here. It has a beautiful but dramatic sound that put my nerves on. Seconds later the sound is gentler, but don’t judge quickly, because it changes and changes, it is awesome how a three-minute piece can offer so many things, so many elements and textures.

“Skulls in the Stars” is a wonderful composition. I really love the omniscient sound of keyboards, as well as all the string elements. What karda Estra does is gathering together a vast amount of sounds, instruments and colors that form a strong front, a pillar, an original, brilliant and complete song, and I would say that they do the same thing for each and every of their songs and albums. If you like this kind of instrumental, symphonic, ethereal music, you will definitely love this band.

“The Eye of Silence” has a beautiful (clarinet or oboe?) sound that accompanies a nice piano and drums here and then. The sound is so delicate, it could work as a film score, I imagine parts of this song making the sound to a mute movie of the 30s. “Green Dog Trumpet” actually does the same to me as the previous track, I mean I can also put some movie images on my mind. I like the beauty and the tranquility that some passages can share, one of the things I enjoy more of Karda Estra is this capacity of making me feel comfortable.

“The White Rose” features a great acoustic guitar that interplays with some wind instruments. (Let me make a parenthesis here, this band does not have the rock element on their music, so don’t expect anything loud and rocky, better open your ears for neo- classical and symphonic beauties.) Returning with the song, this is one wonderful composition that can please you since the first seconds, though it is slow, it caughts you and transports you to another place.

“The Atom Age Sense of Permanence” is my favorite track here. The backing female voices are very important in Karda Estra’s music, not only in this album, they produce beautiful nuances and help adds an angelical sound, which of course, perfectly works with the instruments and the music composed.

“Island Universes” is a shorter piece, but once again, beautiful. I may be repetitive, but well, when you listen to them you will understand and appreciate its charm and delicate music that make you have a wonderful time. A piece of advice, this is the kind of music that you can listen while reading, literature and sound get on very well.

And last but not least, the longest composition, entitled “There is no Finished World” which is a complex and fully elaborated piece with several changes on mood and music. You can have a trip to several places and eras here, the combination of electronic guitar with acoustic instruments provoke a dark atmosphere, which contrasts with the peaceful and beauty produced in the majority of the moments, but at the same time, complete this wonderful track.

What a great album is Weird Tales, after Eve, this is so far my favorite. Please listen to Karda Estra, you will not regret. My final grade will be four stars.

Enjoy it!

Track list:
1. The Whitstable Host (3:48)
2. Skulls In The Stars (7:15)
3. The Eye Of Silence (4:00)
4. Green Dog Trumpet (5:19)
5. The White Rose (4:57)
6. The Atom Age Sense Of Impermanence (5:23)
7. Island Universes (3:51)
8. There Is No Finished World (8:05)

Total Time: 41:38

Richard Wileman / classical, electric and bass guitars, keyboards, bouzouki, percussion, rastrophone

Guest musicians:
- Ileesha Bailey / vocals (1, 2 & 6)
- Helen Dearnley / violin (1, 2, 6 & 8)
- Don Falcone / organs, synthesizers arpeggios (3)
- Caron Hansford / oboe (3, 4, 5 & 6), cor anglais (3, 4, 5 & 7)
- Amy Hedges / clarinet (1 – 8), tenor saxophone (5)
- Zoë Josey / flute (5, 7 & 8) , alto saxophone (5), soprano saxophone (8)
- Jemima Palfreyman / tuba (1 & 4)
- Bridget Wishart / EWI wind synthesiser (3)

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