Jason Rubenstein – New Metal From Old Boxes

Jason Rubenstein - New Metal From Old Boxes

Multi-instrumentalist Jason Rubenstein recorded with New Metal From Old Boxes an instrumental album where tension provided by sinister and angular guitars, threatening piano, neighbours cheerfulness brought by swirling or cosmic keyboards, uplifting piano, and catchy drums.

On Unspeakable Highways, the tension is even further suggested by alarming guitars. Good examples of tension/serenity duality can be witnessed in Calculation and Walkaway where menacing guitars alternate with dancing keyboard-drums interplay, and in the very Peter Gunn theme-inspired The Set Up where menacing piano give way to frenzy guitars.

The harmony between the two features of the music was not easy to maintain, Jason did it perfectly thanks to a great versatility in his playing and a good balance between serene and menacing passages.

Furthermore, I should mention that Jason‘s references to prog rock heroes of the past are present all along the album. In fact, the alternance of heavy and angular guitars reminds of King Crimson (Red era), while the vintage keyboards bring back to memory the fiery keyboards of Keith Emerson with ELP. The latter is nevertheless covered in a very personal and hasty version of The Barbarian (only intro and outro bear the original theme). Throughout the album, drums are played in a controlled and elegant manner, without particular deviations from the main pattern, in a way Virgil Donati would approve of. The overall feeling is nevertheless that of a prog/jazz-metal band like Planet X.

With an impressive array of keyboard sounds, associated with skillfully played guitars and drums, and a threat/serenity duality that is managed masterfully, Jason Rubenstein recorded an album that will certainly be of interest to anyone who likes their progressive/jazz rock fresh and modern, yet with links to the last through the use of elements of classic prog rock and contemporary music of the 20th century.

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01. The Contemplation of the Cosmologer
02. Calculation and Walkaway
03. The Set Up
04. The Blow Off
05. Unspeakable Highways
06. A Burden of Secrets
07. The Snowflake Defines the Weather
08. Frankenstein on the Red Line
09. The Steppes of Sighs, Part 1
10. The Steppes of Sighs, Part 2
11. New Metal From Old Boxes
12. The Barbarian


Written, performed and recorded by Jason Rubenstein





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