Indeterminate – Indeterminate EP

Indeterminate - Indeterminate

The post rock influences have been haunting the metal/rock scene for long before it got this generic name. The nostalgic and powerful overtake of guitars under every form and even of instrumental pieces have become a recurring trend in the lines of music, even more so in the past years.

Indeterminate is a Finnish band that has also chosen to follow the path of post-rock multiplied by layers of progressive metal, djent, and death metal. Their first EP, Indeterminate contains a set of six songs that explore different soundscapes under the mark of the progressive, but also obscure.

The use of intense imagery inspired by nature motifs and melancholy, as well as of repetitive build-ups of rhythm are some of the main characteristics of this EP.

The EP kicks off with “Otiose I: Collateral,” an instrumental song that reminded me of some other followers of the genre as are If These Trees Could Talk. The clean intro is entwined with harsh and burdensome riffs, along with dark and gloomy atmosphere established by synths. The sorrowful repeating rhythm introduces the next song, “Otiose II: Dusk.” The asymmetrical riff stops and the earth quaking growls combines Shining and Agalloch altogether, whilst the alternations between the different sides of the song are divided by the same haunting voice from Jonas Vayrynen, who often switches between growls and cleans.

Otiose III: Strain,” the next to follow it’s highlighted by heavy, in-your-face pounding rhythm and integration of different metal styles. This is the song that should become the landmark of the record. “Strain” integrates some of the most correct and beautiful vocals on this EP and the tight instrumentals make way for the rhythm guitars as they ease the comprehension of the various textures. Over the metalcore driven “The Mirage and hypnotising “The City on the Edge of Forever,” Indeterminate comes to an end with “Dissonance” that is by far the most prog metal-oriented tune on the EP. It comes with a perfect execution both instrumentally and vocally, and evolves beautifully into the highlight of the record.

Although the very first effort of a young band, Indeterminate already shows a great maturity in composition, and a fascination for dark and brooding atmospheres. This was a risky choice in a world that tends to dismiss melancholy in favour of joyful catchy tunes.


1. Otiose I: Collateral 03:19
2. Otiose II: Dusk 05:12
3. Otiose III: Strain 05:27
4. The Mirage 04:18
5. The City On The Edge Of Forever 04:01
6. Dissonance 06:26

EP credits:

Guitars, Synths, Programming & Orchestral Arrangements: Ilari Mäkilä
Bass, Orchestral Arrangements & Prgoramming: Vitaly Zaytsev
Lyrics, Vocals & Drums: Joonas Väyrynen
Drums: Eero Salo


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