Henriette B – Tales of Reality EP

Henriette B - Tales of Reality

Swiss metal band Henriette B released their sophomore EP Tales of Reality on February 20. Along with the EP comes a slightly varied sound to the old formula, which can partially be attributed to their work with well known producer Carson Slovak (August Burns Red, Texas In July). Combining a number of different elements from deathcore, metal and metalcore, Tales of Reality has the potential to be the band’s breakthrough release. From the catchy, powerhouse riffs, to brutal, punishing vocals that make the EP a surprisingly refreshing listen.

Make no mistake, these guys bring the heavy with Tales of Reality. Frontman Ian Girod is an absolute beast throughout. He touts quite the impressive range from downright savage lows to shrieking highs which definitely helps each song stand on its own without blending together. The guitar work on the EP is fantastic as well. The EP is chock full of bouncy “djent” riffs, guitar solos and guitar shredding from guitarists Vincent Simonin and Thierry Grundbacher. The drumming on the album is well executed by Fabio Duro, with double bass and blast beats throughout.

While the EP can drag at times, most notably during the extremely heavy songs, Tales of Reality ends up being a well rounded release. The mixing and mastering duties as handled by Carson Slovak are excellent, leaving the final product sounding crisp and clean.


1. Utopia 03:25
2. Face Or Flee 03:10
3. The Other Side 03:56
4. Visions 03:02
5. The Mistake We Made 03:55
6. The Hidden Kingdom 03:02

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