Album Review: He is Me – Let It Drip

let it drip

Most of the time, one song doesn’t offer enough to judge a band by. Perhaps that’s still true for He Is Me, but there’s enough atmosphere wound into three and a half minutes to put them on my radar in a big way. In a way, it doesn’t feel like the first time I’ve heard this two-man collaboration. Half of He Is Me, being Calgary’s Steve Moore, has fronted quality projects in the past I had the pleasure of hearing. First hearing him with The Unravelling, I was impressed by the way he wove brooding vocal melodies over a proggy industrial metal palette. The second band, Post-Death Soundtrack, took things even further with its piercing take on psychedaelia and dark spirituality.

It’s not that those two bands really foreshadowed what He Is Me is all about, but I knew well enough that there was going to be quality behind this project. He Is Me is a collaboration between Moore and Portland, Oregon-based producer Casey Braunger. While the former brings his familiar brooding style to the forefront, the dark, thrumming electronic ambiance of the latter is what makes “Let It Drip” so promising. Almost like an industrial-based Storm Corrosion, the collaboration between these two has bore some odd-tasting fruit. By preview single standards, “Let It Drip” is consummately uncommercial. Braunger’s electronic backdrop is dark and heavy, and unlike most singles, it’s the sort of track that required multiple listens to fully appreciate. He Is Me is meticulously layered with ambient detail. Not bad for an album teaser.

In mood and timbre, “Let It Drip” reminds me most of Chelsea Wolfe’s song “Carrion Flowers”. He Is Me have tried to be simultaneously heavy and ambient here; most importantly, the blend actually works. While Casey Braunger’s electronic production isn’t a world apart from the other Steve Moore-affiliated work I’ve heard, this is a different angle I’m hearing from Moore on the vocal side. His most distinctive skill in my mind has always been his ability to create vocal lines atop instrumentation that wouldn’t normally accommodate it. On “Let It Drip”, his vocals unfold almost as a stream-of-consciousness mantra. He Is Me have brought together a strange but compelling blend of ideas here, and it will be interesting to see how they end up fleshing out these threads on their upcoming full-length. Be prepared.


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