H.A.A.S – Sense

H.A.A.S - Sense

H.A.A.S is a young band hailing from Bogota in Colombia. Guitarist and keyboardist are brothers,  and together with initial bassist, who is sibling with the other two members, they decided to name the band after their last name, though in the end in an acronymic way. Released on 7th of August 2014, ‘Sense’ is their very first effort, showing already a great musicianship (the brotherhood probably helping), a strong sense of melody, and an astonishing ability to blend upbeat moments with deeper ones without sounding grotesque.

With this album, we witness dynamic structures where raging/alarmed guitars and fast-paced drumming contrast with mischievous elements like light piano touches and glockenspiel, “ghostly” or orchestral keyboard layers, and cosmic synths, altogether providing a very enjoyable catchy effect. Some dancing beats break the violent patterns (the bolero theme in “The Voyage Of Captain Nirvana”, the dancing drums of “Digimential”, “Rhythm & Doom” & “The Box”, the laidback play of “The Voyage Of Captain Nirvana”, “Crazy, Sadly, Nasty”, “ClockTrick” & “Inside”, the waltz theme of “The Box”) and give the music the impulse it needs to keep the listener interested.

Voices are in a pleading fashion and blend the theatrical style of Michael Sadler (Saga) and the melancholy of Eric Clayton (Saviour Machine). They are delivered with a lot of passion and assurance, John Haas really manages to make us delve into his world.

The album comes with bonus tracks. The first one, “ClockTrick” is in the same vein as the other tracks and you wouldn’t say it is a bonus track if it were not specified. The other two show a more introspective and troubled facette of the band’s music, yet still very interesting. “Inside” has a reflective approach with a heavenly choir in the background and undecided guitars from which a painful solo extracts, while “Song Of Repent” is a folk balad with languid voice, akin to Radiohead’s universe.

Powerful play associated with delicate elements and dancing patterns make for a very entertaining musical cocktail. H.A.A.S is cetainly a band worth spreading the word about.


01 Beginning

02 The Voyage of Captain Nirvana

03 Digimential

04 Crazy, Sadly, Nasty

05 Living Dead

06 Rhythm & Doom

07 The Box

08 ClockTrick (Bonus Track)

09 Inside (Demo version)

10 Song Of Repent



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