Full Code – Telescapes

Full Code - Telescapes

4-piece band hailing from Australia, Full Code play an elegant modern progressive music. ‘Telescapes’ is their very first record and showcases the band’s appeal for refined and contrasted moods.

Though complex in essence, their music remains focused and digestable thanks to warm vocals, a drummer more interested in keeping it collective than jamming in his corner, and pensive guitars.

With a tension brought by threatening keyboards entering like the thirteenth at the table and a serenity to which bright scintillating guitars contribute, ‘Telescapes’ is a field of many contrasts. Those opposites are also present in the vocals, that can vary from enthusiastic or dreamy to alarmed. What strikes first and foremost, is the exceptional drumming. In fact, the drummer doesn’t play, he LIVES his intrument, as if it were part of his body. He is indeed able to skip from one rhythm pattern to another one in a blink of an eye and without awkwardness. A first-class drummer that contributes a lot to the elegance of the structures.

Thanks to “possessed” and versatile vocalist and an overall atmosphere akin to Tool or its melodic little sister A Perfect Circle, Full Code transport us to lands of dark tranquillity, where a sunny weather is often covered by black clouds, both elements coexisting nonetheless together in harmony. We are amazed by the stunning images and sounds that offer to our imagination. Once the chapter closes, we wake up as we had left an unforgettable dream.


01 Aquautomaton

02 (b)TtM2

03 If You Feel Planet

04 Archaeopteryx [Las Aras de Carmesi]

05 Lion

06 Jønn Jincke ¿

07 Obsidian

08 Multiverse



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