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Homecoming is a debut EP release from a Rome-based progressive rock/metal act From the Dust Returned, comprised of six songs and released via Sliptrick Records.

Kicking off with “Harlequeen,” Homecoming hints its diversity. Elements ranging from hard rock, heavy metal to Opeth-influenced Prog Metal and folk motifs are included. That fact also reveals the EP’s biggest issue—it wants to be a lot of that in short time.

There is definitely potential here, and “Echoes of Faces” proves that. A song that has been recently featured on our Progotronics compilation, is a stronghold of the EP. The transition between acoustic-driven parts and avant-garde is rather smooth. “Glare” starts with a very nice melody provided by an acoustic guitar and clean vocals. The Hammond organ that can be heard here, and throughout the record, is another highlight and an element that makes difference. Following “Wipe Away the Rain”starts very atmospherically, but it doesn’t take too long to become a hybrid child of Ayreon, Deep Purple and already mentioned Opeth.

Homecoming suffers in the production department. It certainly has many great ideas, but the sound could be fuller and more expressive, the mix is a bit weird due to the fact that some parts are buried.

What is important here is that From the Dust Returned made a brave step to produce a release that is stylistically very different, and with the experience called Homecoming I’m sure that they will take the best out of it and use that knowledge on their next release.

Homecoming is available here. Follow the band on Facebook.

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