Farraday – Shade of Love

Farraday - Shade of Love

Farraday is a project founded in 2012 by two greek artists, Roy Da Vis (lead and backing vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Sthatis Spiliotopoulos (bass, drums, backing vocals). The two of them were previously involved in another band, Bad Medicine, which didn’t release any official record, but gave two songs to Farraday (“Breakin’ down” and “Shade of love”). Although Greece is mostly known for its extreme metal scene, what we have here is a band that plays pleasant melodic hard-rock / AOR in the vein of the bands of the eighties (the only other greek AOR band I can think of is the obscure Magna Carta of the early nineties).

The album is split between AOR anthems with sharp vocals in chorus (the catchy “Rock U (the old fasion way)”, the hasty “Breakin’ down” – with a passion all in the line of Robby Valentine, the dreamy “Can’t wait on love”, the optimistic “When passion burns” which features the assured voice of Ada Livitsanou) – songs that work best for me as they are the epitome of AOR’s definition, AOR anthems with more laidback/languid vocals in chorus (the solemn “Shade of love” reminiscent of Boulevard and the pleading “Tonight”), glam metal tunes with keyboards and exaggerately cheerful chorus (the sunny “One way ticket to Hollywood”, the proud “Can’t get enough”, the dancing “Out of nowhere”), and a sweet reverie with obsessive piano, scintillating keys and furtive saxophone (the delicate “There for you”).

The snare drum / cymbals interplay, associated with nonchalant lead vocals and passionate chorus, evoke the most melodious moments of Skid Row, while the rasp in voice, enchanting keyboards and straightforward pace add that specific AOR touch.

To conclude, Farraday are a band that will please everyone who has the nostalgia of the eighties sound, full of bombastic keyboards, passionate vocals and catchy rhythms. This is very uplifting music.


1. One Way Ticket To Hollywood

2. Rock U (The Old Fashion Way)

3. Shade Of Love

4. Can’t Get Enough

5. Breakin’ Down

6. Tonight

7. Can’t Wait On Love

8. Out Of Nowhere

9. There For You

10. When Passion Burns


* Roy Da Vis – vocals, guitars, keyboards & back vocals
* Stathis Spiliotopoulos – drums, bass & back vocals



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