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Following in the footsteps of some classic progressive acts that have emerged from the city in earlier years, Druckfarben is a Canadian band based out of Toronto. Although they are a fairly new act, their sound recalls a different time in the history of rock music. For all sake, Druckfarben executes their upbeat brand of vintage prog quite well, but much like far too many new bands these days, they default upon emulation, rather than innovation.

Druckfarben is music made between old friends, and their sound does reflect this to an extent. The musicianship is admirable, a mix of harder rock and symphonic prog tendencies. It comes together sounding like a crossroads between Yes, Rush, and Kansas. William Hare’s grasp of the rock organ is impressive, and Ed Bernhard’s work with the guitars demonstrates a versatility, tackling both technical passages and solos with feeling. Musically speaking, no one could speak ill of any band members’ skill. Each member plays their part nicely, and there’s even a tight blanket of warm production to give the performance that extra shine. Druckfarben’s sound is not their own, but there is no question that they are able to pull it off.

Although Yes is the primary influence I am hearing in Druckfarben’s sound, what Toronto prog band could be complete without a helping of Rush? ‘Walk Away’ enjoys guitar work that sounds plucked out of ‘Hemispheres’. The vocals are higher register, but do not sound like Geddy Lee at all. Instead, his vocals will more likely draw comparisons with Jon Anderson’s (of Yes), but- of course- they are graced with that lovable Canadian accent. His voice works well with the upbeat feel of the band’s music. In short, despite their lack of originality and innovation, Druckfarben execute their sound well, even in terms of the composition. Although none of these songs instantly locks itself in my head after a few listens, there is a strong arrangement that lets each band member strut their skills. It will be interesting to see where Druckfarben go with their music; they certainly have the ear for it, but right now, that ear is a little too filled with the sounds of others.


1. ELPO (02:34)
2. Influenza (05:24)
3. Smaller Wooden Frog (04:37)
4. Dead Play Awake (07:33)
5. Walk Away (03:03)
6. Seems So Real (04:28)
7. Nat Nayah (05:40)
8. Sons Of Anakim (03:55)
9. Nonchalant (07:33)


* Phil Naro – vocals
* Ed Bernhard – guitars, violin, mandolin, vocals
* William Hare – keyboards
* Peter Murray – bass, vocals
* Troy Feener – drums



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