Dropshard – Silk

Dropshard - Silk

Following their first debut album, “Anywhere But Home“, the mighty Italian progressive fellows have returned with a brand new and distinct record. “Silk” is a twelve songs long, neo progressive alternation between the easily recognizable prints of prog masters like Genesis or King Crimson and psychedelic tunes.

Silk” is the proof of a more extensive work under the mark of passion and innovation. The novelty comes from this bizarre blend between Anathema reminiscent vocals, melancholic clean guitar solos and the hypnotic progressive drumming flavoured with some jazz grooves. The first four songs off the album intertwine into an endless ballad when they suddenly hit you right into the consciousness with the warm and reflective vocals and the atmospheric, sometimes bluesy guitar cleans (“Insight“), while intricate instrumental arrangements such as keen bass lines and eccentric keyboards (“Cell 342“) surface. “Tied Together” should become a signature track for Dropshard as it gives a solid demonstration of what Dropshard’s musical future should sound like.

Dropshard released their second album "Silk" in 2014

After the short instrumental intermission, “Seat“, Dropshard drops the listener into a weirder dimension. From acoustic ballads, to 70’s jazz driven songs and up to industrial vibes and a cover after a famous catholic song, the listener gets everything on one album. “The Endless Road” is the number one progressive song off the album as it features extensive Genesis influences, the use of a flute and playful keyboards. Right after this wave of prog, “Less is More” throws in altered vocals and supernatural keyboard effects that complete a fully electronic and industrial song that might remind us of Townsend.

While the next songs, “Maya” and “Memento“, may seem much more progressive than the previous ones either because of their lenght or because of the echanting flute and synths, I believe it’s the entrancing wistful atmosphere that suits them unbelievably well.

Silk” is a highly ambitious musical project that will definitely become a land mark for the band’s future and although I enjoyed their attempts to navigate towards a heavier sound, I believe that that touch of melancholy, the recurrent motif, is the one to focus on.

Favorite songs: “Tied Together”, “Insight”.


1. Insight (5:08)
2. Eyes (4:29)
3. Cell 342 (8:44)
4. Tied Together (6:40)
5. Seat (2:47)
6. Perpetual Dream (2:58)
7. Get Out And Run (1:56)
8. The Endless Road (10:39)
a) Endless Road
b) One-Way Ticket
c) Blackstorm
d) Endless Road Reprise
9. Less Is More (2:30)
10. Maya (4:36)
11. Memento (11:56)


* Enrico Scanu – vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, flute
* Sebastiano Benatti – electric & acoustic guitars
* Valerio De Vittorio – keyboards, synthesizers
* Alex Stucchi – electric bass guitars
* Tommaso Mangione – drums, percussions, programming, sound effects





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