Disappearer – Disappearer

Disappearer - Disappearer

Hailing from Portugal, Disapearer is a one-man Project lead by Pedro Coelho Pereira. This is loud and massive instrumental music in which occasional vocoderized voices, performed by Basement Dweller Choir, and mesmerizing guitars break through like the thunder hitting the heavy tree on the sublime romantic artwork by Maxim Vorobiev (1787-1855).

The loudness of the music is brought by big drums (slow most of the time but can be hastier like on the merry ‘Psycho Jane’ and the intriguing “Metal heart”) and roaring mournful guitars, for an effect suggesting a cross between the swampy sludge rock of Melvins and the elegant gothic metal of Paradise Lost. Atmospheric keyboard layers, echoing guitars (mostly in the vein of the heroes of 80′s gothic rock wave, Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins, but also Paul Wright of Fields of the Nephilim, and Wayne Hussey of Sisters of Mercy / The Mission) and sparse distant vocals bring some finesse to the heaviness.

With the exception of the ethereal pauses that are “Blue” and “Garrote Vil”, the title of the closing track “Metal heart” sums up quite well the music, it is heavy outside yet passion-infused inside through the use of ethereal and dreamy elements. A very good debut for this musical equivalent to Rembrandt’s chiaroscuro.


1. Forget me Pills 04:43

2. Dog From Hell 04:20

3. Goodnight Mr. Frankenstein 04:08

4. Psycho Jane 05:00

5. Blue 03:42

6. Stuck in a Loop 04:24

7. Garrote Vil 02:54

8. Metal Heart 04:56

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