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Corvus Stone is a multi-national collaborative group that has been working on this album since the three core members started working with each other in late 2011. Colin Trench is probably the most well-known member, being in the band Bun Chakeze. He was asked to work on the album and does the arranging, but everyone else involved with the project volunteered. The album was pretty much recorded by members overdubbing their parts over what they were sent. The end result however, sounds much more ‘live’ sounding than it should. Generally the music here is very 1970s inspired; sounds like ’70s style music recorded on modern equipment. At times the music is reminiscent of Camel, Floyd and Steve Hackett solo.

“October Sad Song” is some nice easy-going, ’70s styled prog. “Highway To Emptiness” in contrast, is more upbeat and modern sounding. Almost ’80s rock but the keyboard work in particular sounds more ’70s. “I’ll Leave It All Behind” is more playful and fun sounding proggy retro-rock. “Corvus Stone” is the first of the two long songs. Begins in a more mellower mood with emotive guitar playing. Later gets more busy with synth soloing and start/stop dynamics. Later on mellows out again with some piano and violin joining in. “Moron Season” introduces a melody that gets reprised later. Of all the vocal songs, I enjoy this one the most. After the opening part goes into a more rockin’ part with stereo separated double-tracked vocals. At one point you briefly hear the riff to “Smoke On The Water.”

“Moustaches In Massachusetts” is one of the better tracks. Lots of nice instrumental interplay here. “Pilgrims” is another stand out. Very symph prog sounding with great playing and nice chords/melodies. “JussiPussi” has an interesting title. Lots going on here for such a short track, including a bit that sounds like it came from a Mario game(?!). “Iron Pillows” begins on an almost prog metal vibe. I like the organ work in this track. The tempo picks up and then a guitar solo. Tempo picks up yet again with more guitar soloing. “After Solstice” starts off reprising that earlier melody I mentioned. Features some interesting drumwork. “Scary Movie” is another standout track. A bit darker and menacing sounding than the rest of the album. I love the groove they go into with slightly spacey synth sounds over top.

“Cinema” is the other longer track. It starts out reminding me of solo Hackett. I like the classical guitar part they go into. The basswork is impressive at times. The remainder of the song is mid-paced classic symph prog; it gets better and better as it goes along. There are two “Ice King” tracks here: one with vocals, the other instrumental. They are both low-key and subdued for the most part. “The Rusty Wolff Attack” is just a drum solo. A really good drum solo mind you, but it seems out of place and doesn’t add too much to album overall. Actually, that would probably be my biggest complaint about the album: it’s very long. It is apparently 79:59 and CDs only fit 80 minutes. I think that if they cut some of the fat and made a leaner album, it would be even stronger and more consistent.

The album starts off decent but gets stronger in the middle, then getting weaker towards the end. I generally prefer the instrumentals to the vocal songs. Overall this is a really good first effort from this group. They are now working on a new album apparently. Neither the highs nor lows are very high or low. Despite it’s length, it is fairly consistent overall. Recommended to fans of classic 1970s prog, but if you want something groundbreaking and original…you may be disappointed. Well written, well played and it sounds good.


1. The Curtain Rises (1:32)
2. October Sad Song (4:58)
3. Highway to Emptiness (2:28)
4. Ice King (3:11)
5. I’ll Leave It All Behind (3:36)
6. Corvus Stone (8:20)
7. Moron Season (3:27)
8. Horizon (1:51)
9. Intermission (0:41)
10. Moustaches in Massachusetts (4:17)
11. Pilgrims (5:17)
12. JussiPussi (2:45)
13. Iron Pillows (5:17)
14. After Solstice (4:05)
15. The Rusty Wolff Attack (2:34)
16. Lost and Found (2:15)
17. Scary Movie (4:22)
18. Cinema (10:50)
19. You’re So Wrong (3:52)
20. Ice King (3:10)
21. Ten Inch Lisa (0:31)


* Pasi Koivu – keyboards
* Colin Tench – guitars
* Petri Lemmy Lindström Рbass, various instruments

* Robert Wolff – drums
* Blake Carpenter – vocals
* Stef Flaming – guitars, vocals
* John Culley – guitars
* Victor Tassone – drums


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  1. Colin

    November 24, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    Wonderful review. Thank you Darryl!

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