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Caterpillarmen (2011) - CaterpillarmenRebirth of Samla Mammas Manna in this world?

As honestly I say, I cannot realize they were born as a simple and typical blues rock band. Deep and heavy riffs and delightful grooves can slightly remind me kinda blues flavour, but their core of sound is exactly elaborate RIO structure in their second eponymous album. They say they’ve been much influenced by King Crimson, and everybody can feel something versatile like them in Discipline period – especially the second track “Defeat”, with heavy, a bit stoner guitar riffs based on deep bass and drums, sounds just like Larks Tongue In Aspic series.

However, let me say, their progression and soundscape under their mind depth are not only a monkey story but also another Samla Mammas Manna – I’m sure you can understand with listening to their fourth track “Parteyh!” (superb palpitation in the beginning is beyond expression!) or the middle part of the previous one “Revenge” – with complex tempos and flexible mixture of rigidity and softness, sometimes bizarreries, much compatible with Samla, a pleasant sound garden.

“Dreaming” is another bluesy, but amazing roller coaster – their slight sincere and tragic atmosphere (that cannot always be seen) is very impressive, and rolling, driving the sound can create terrific tension. On the contrary, like a toy-box song, “Now The Man” is Crimson-like eclectic kink blended with pure avantgarde structure upon the former half ? there are various sound elements in it definitely.

“Now The Man Super Mega Time” (what does it mean?) may be the closest to RIO, as the first shot “Party” can be, I suggest. Persistent, cynical music phrases spin round with fuzzy, tricky guitar jabs and fanatic, kaleidoscopic rhythm section explosions. Guess it may be okay to mention that their brilliant gems can be stuffed into this song? The last “Re-Re-Remix” might be their funny joke (but it should have definitely RIO essence) methinks.

Their strong intention for progressive rock and subliminal spice for RIO (also the latter is excellent in spite of themselves) exist in such a influential manner.


1. Party (3:32)
2. Defeat (4:23)
3. Revenge (5:45)
4. Parteyh! (5:23)
5. Now The Man (2:29)
6. Dreaming (2:53)
7. Now The Man Super Mega Time (5:16)
8. Re-Re-Remix (3:40)

Total Time 33:21


* Ísak Örn Guðmundsson / guitar
* Ingimundur Guðmundsson / keyboards
* Andri Þórhallson / drums
* Zakarías Herman Gunnarsson / bass


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