Bugra Sisman – Until Now

Bugra Sisman - Until Now

In the ocean of YouTube guitarists where only that matters are number of strings and quest for the most evil-sounding riff, it’s melody that often gets forgotten. Bugra Sisman is a guitarist and instructor, who is about to release a four-track EP titled “Until Now.”

Although fully instrumental, Bugra explains that the EP is a concept record that follows a person through four different stages during the life. Each of the four songs from the EP is the period for itself. Although Sisman composed and produced “Until Now,” he worked with live musicians on the recording process of the EP, therefore we have Nazim Kemal Ure on bass, and Andreas Skorpe Sjoen on drums. The EP was mastered by Chris Bauer. Artist Alex Pryle completed the visual story of the recording by designing the art which conceptually fits very well with the material presented on the EP.

The language of music is something different than what is written and spoken. Without words, it creates a unique experience for a listener. And that is what the Istanbul based artist does on “Until Now.” This EP is a parade of masterfully crafted jazz/ambient/prog metal tracks.

Bugra Sisman

Until Now” opens with “Zero,” a 5-odd minutes track that kicks off with a guitar solo, making it clear that the earlier statement about the melody is spot-on. It perfectly sets the stage for the range of musical grounds the following pieces explore; the massive, well balanced guitar melodies that effortlessly drift downstream into a vortex of clean ambient, post-rock, jazz and progressive metal ecosystem.

There is definitely something unique and distinctive about the atmosphere that Bugra Sisman’s music gives off—it would be perhaps closest to describe the vibe by thinking of a Metheny/Satriani hybrid being abducted for a journey through space. There is something epic in the music that makes it sounds intruding, but still keeps the organic feel. Perhaps it’s the best shown in a track titled “The Comprehension.”

The EP’s finale, “The Obscurity” explores a wide range of emotional depth. It starts off with a recurring theme that breaks off with the series of riffs and breakdowns, and then with another guitar solo that manages to make it sound distinctive. Guitar solos on “Until Now” are a separate level for itself; they are not show-offs of Sisman’s prowess, they rather feel like a needed addition in order to complete the musical story of the release.

Until Now” is a sonic journey where a listener is given a chance to create a story with given directions. Bugra Sisman has created a release that is highly recommended for everyone who enjoys instrumental music, and for everyone else—this EP could turn into a pleasant discovery.

Get “Until Now” by Bugra Sisman from iTunes, Spotify or Bandcamp.


1. Zero
2. The Existence
3. The Comprehension
4. The Obscurity


Bugra Sisman – guitars, mixing, composing, production
Nazim Kemal Ure – bass
Andreas Skorpe Sjoen – drums
Chris Bauer – mastering
Alex Pryle – artwork





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