The Boogeymen – Ordinary

The Boogeymen - Ordinary

The Boogeyman is in popular culture a creature hidden in the dark that is said to eat children if they refuse to sleep. Our Boogeymen, who are mainly the multi-instrumentalist Kevin Heckeler, are not that cruel, but their music retains nonetheless something scary in the treatment of the voice and the dark atmosphere brought by swampy guitars.

Although the title of the album might suggest the reverse, the music is far from being “ordinary”. The Boogeymen play indeed what they want, staying far from any label dictatorship. In fact, it can be a languid ballad (“Promise”), a funky instrumental tune (“Abnormality”), a folk song (the title track), a hasty rocker (“Ignorance is a disease”), a dancing keyboard-lead tune (“diffused”) or a cosmico-doomesque track (“Assturdroid”). And talking about doom, there is certainly a good dose of Tony Iommy in the sinister rhythm guitars throughout. Rhythmically, it’s a perfect album, drums are very solid and creative, somewhere between the robotic chops of Neu and the explosive ones of Nirvana, playing overall an instrumental role in the appreciation of the music. They would even justify the name of the band if they were Boogiemen, though Grooviemen would match better the music. Guitar solos are never gratuitous, always purposeful (anthemic in “Rare earth”, humorous in “Abnormality”, pensive on “Derp”, alarming in “Confined”, troubled in “Mastering mediocrity”). On a vocal level, we are in contrast with the dynamic music, as Kevin Heckeler songs in an almost whispering way, halfway between the effortless nonchalance of Lou Reed and the theatrical gravity of Nick Cave, probably in order not to steal the show from his colleagues. Next to guitars, and with their cosmic and orchestral approach, keyboards add a touch of magic to the dynamic yet troubled world of The Boogeymen.

In a nutshell, one can sense with the amazing musicianship and crafty performance, that the band put all their heart in making ‘Ordinary’. Their enthusiasm and dynamism is communicative, and we enjoy listening to the music as much as they enjoyed playing it.


01 Ignorance is a Disease

02 Rare Earth

03 Promise (Ben Howard cover)

04 Confined

05 Abnormality

06 Derp

07 Assturdroid

08 Mister Vixen

09 Mastering Mediocrity

10 Ordinary

11 Diffused

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