Blueneck – King Nine

Blueneck - King Nine

Blueneck are a post-rock band hailing from UK. They formed in 2000 and released four critically accclaimed albums so far. King Nine is their fifth album, and shows the band wandering in dark places.

Although the opening track (Counting Out) presents cheerful ambiances tinted with the colour of spring, it is quite misleading as the music of Blueneck is otherwise in a very reflective fashion. Actually, this is quite the same leap as the one Talk Talk took from their own Colour of spring to Spirit of Eden. In fact, with fragile and sensitive vocals, set to melancholic moods brought by mournful (Broken fingers) or eerie (King nine) play of keyboards, guitars, strings or trumpet, the music floats in misty and evanescent steams. The intriguing programmations (King nine, Man of lies, Broken fingers) associated to slow drums / cymbals enhance the pensive side of the music.

Wounds start healing when more upbeat tempo fills the space on Father, Sister, (yet retaining some melancholy with tormented guitars). However, they open again when Spiderlegs launch a string of painful lamentations over minimalistic music.

The filiation of Blueneck with Talk Talk is quite obvious, but far from being followers, they sublimate their ethereal and brooding world through a clever use of programmations, a good balance between natural and processed vocals, and elegant atmospheres. In other words, Blueneck is beauty in darkness.


01 Counting Out

02 Sirens

03 King Nine

04 Man Of Lies

05 Broken Fingers

06 Father Sister

07 Spiderlegs

08 Mutatis

09 Anything Other Than Breathing

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