Becoming The Archetype – Celestial Completion

A somewhat lukewarm discovery on my part, Becoming The Archetype is one of those bands that is obviously filled to the brim with playing talent, but never seems completely confident enough to find their own ground. My first experience with this American progressive metalcore band, ‘Celestial Completion’ is certainly the work of talented instrumentalists, and while there are some incredible moments to delve into here for a progressive metal fan, the album is sorely brought down by a general lack of consistency. Although ‘Celestial Completion’ is rife with promise in parts, the listener should be prepared to wade through some rhinestones along the way.

With an opening segment that instantly recalls the vocal acrobatics of Symphony X, Becoming The Archetype solidify their place as one of the new prog metal bands attempting to relive the glory of the old giants. While this may give only the more negative connotations imaginable, it should be noted that for what they do, Becoming The Archetype do it quite well. Dark and heavy guitar riffs are coupled with the atmospherics of keyboard work and some very good drum work courtesy of the percussionist Nook. This may sound endearing for a fan of progressive metal, but the way it is all put together is incredibly hit-or-miss. More often than not, the band will go from a great moment of technicality to a sickening deathcore moment, or ridiculously cheesy synth section.

Were the album comprised only of the cheesy symphonic metal and deathcore in alternating sequence, ‘Celestial Completion’ would not be worth a single listen in my eyes. Becoming The Archetype become tricky to review in the sense though that in between these sections of ridicule, there are some very cool things going on. ‘Invisible Creature’ is a fine example of the sort of interesting things Becoming The Archetype manage to hide in the album, a short but effective raga interlude that segues seamlessly into ‘Cardiac Rebellion’. Most of the time however, the great parts of the music are hidden within songs, be it a promising piano breakdown, jazz section or exciting prog riff.

Becoming The Archetype shows themselves off as being full of potential here, but it is a moot point if they let themselves get bogged down by their weak elements.


1. The Resonant Frequency of Flesh (2:11)
2. The Magnetic Sky (4:25)
3. Internal Illumination (5:10)
4. Path of the Beam (5:00)
5. Music of the Spheres: Requiem Aeternam Part I (1:33)
6. Elemental Wrath: Requiem Aeternam Part II (7:51)
7. Xenosynthesis: Requiem Aeternam Part III (3:16)
8. Invisible Creature (0:41)
9. Cardiac Rebellion (5:17)
10. Reflect/Refract (4:37)
11. Breathing Light (6:32)


* Jürgen Engler – Vocals, guitars, synthesizers & programming
* Ralf Dörper – Synthesizers & programming
* Marcel Zürcher – Guitars
* Rüdiger Esch – Bass
* Nook – Drums, electronic percussion


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