Review: Astrochemists – Starman Rising

Starman Rising

Starman Rising” by Singapore-based Astrochemists is an instrumental progressive sludge metal album that showcases the duo’s ability to create powerful and emotive music without relying on vocals.

One giant track that is split in parts, “Starman Rising” draws the listener into the band’s massive soundscapes, which are built on a foundation of heavy, distorted guitar riffs, thundering drums and inventive bass lines. The band’s use of dynamics is especially impressive, as they seamlessly transition from crushingly heavy sections to more melodic and introspective passages.

One of the two standout points is the segment of the song entitled “Starman Rising II,” which features a mesmerizing guitar riff that builds to a towering climax, propelled by the driving drums and bass. “Starman Rising V” is another highlight, which features a complex and nuanced programmed drumming, which is expertly complemented by Azmi Czar’s guitars and Izhar Ashburn’s bass.

The production on “Starman Rising” is top-notch, with instruments given enough space to breathe and shine. The album also features a few moments of atmospheric ambiance, adding to the overall depth and emotion of the music.

Overall, “Starman Rising” is an outstanding recording that showcases Astrochemists’ mastery of the genre. It is a must-listen for fans of heavy music and anyone looking for an emotionally powerful and musically challenging listening experience.

Starman Rising is available from Bandcamp here. Follow Astrochemists on Facebook.

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