Album Review: As A Conceit – Frown Upon Us

As A Conceit - Frown Upon Us

Italy – Home of pizza, pasta and (who would have thought?) very impressive metalcore. As A Conceit were established in 2012 and since then they tried to find their sound. In 2015 they showed with „Transient“ what course their ship is on. And this year they delivered. Frown Upon Us is an impressive work of five musicians that merged fluently into an album of power and atmosphere.

Sound-wise As A Conceit found their inspiration in one of the greatest metalcore bands this century gave us: Architects from UK. Guitar riffing, alternating fast, slow parts and atmospheric interludes will remind you of listening to Daybreaker or All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. Moreover As A Conceit unite intense choir refrains with progressive breakdowns, epic screams with powerful drums, melodic guitars with a pushing bass.

Exclusive: AS A CONCEIT Premieres "Running Tired"

Frown Upon Us starts off strong, with a song called “Boneheads” that lifts the listener to a new level of sound experience. But these dudes wont give you time to digest what you just heard. “Hindered” immediately grabs you by your synapses and spins them around. Fast riffing meets brutal breakdowns and while the guitars interlude melodically, we can already feel the powerful chorus kicking in. And when you think “Idle Hands” will give you time to breath, you are wrong. Even the choir parts won’t let you sit down, because you learned that As A Conceit do not mess around and will deliver the next powerful breakdown, that you are already longing for. And when feelings emerge that this sound is kind of repetitive, song number five bends around the corner. “Modern Day Heroes” begins with slow, atmospheric  guitar melodies, followed by dragged drums and clean vocals which (in this perfect combination) make your skin form way too many goosebumps. Followed by another epic refrain and ass-kicking breakdowns this song became one of my favorites. „Autunno“ – the Italian word for autumn feels like the perfect description for the next song, whose guitar melodies and hammering drums just remind you how wonderful this world is and that we should take care of old mother Earth. And when the nostalgia inside starts to increase, the last four songs help you getting back on track and deliver the perfect atmosphere to bang your head.

All in all Frown Upon us from As A Conceit represents a new hope for all Architects fans who thought Tom Searle’s tragic death put well-arranged progressive metalcore to sleep. Epic refrains, head banging breakdowns, goosebump creating melodies and spheric interludes  should encourage you to purchase this album. I promise that this album keeps getting better with each time you listen to it.


  1. Boneheads
  2. Hindered
  3. Idle Hands (Feat. Philip Strand of Normandie)
  4. Running Tired
  5. Modern Day Heroes
  6. Autunno
  7. Fight For Crumbs
  8. Initiatory Path
  9. The Deep End
  10. A Should With A Must


Fabio Bullo, Andrea Comacchio, Giovanni Bottan, Filippo Perissinotto, Alberto Soave


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