Ancestors – In Dreams and Time

Ah that California. Moving to Los Angeles, where we find a band of invaluable significance for today’s progressive music. That’s right. I am not going to bother trying to explain what is progressive and what’s prog, the fact is that in order to make a progress you have to evolve. And evolve means to change. Now, not every change is a good change, but to infiltrate Opeth once again in this story, it’s sad that people find their latest opus pretty disappointing.

But, exactly the appetite for evolution and change drove Ancestors to build up complex and easy listening music, what has been proven once again on the band’s new achievement called In Dreams and Time. This installment is not lacking for absolutely anything. By simple embracing tags such progressive, psychedelic, doom and space rock, the LA’s quintet is not hesitating to show readiness to change.

In Dreams and Time is their most mature release out to date and it’s quite thrilling thinking of where will the evolution lead them. From that reasons I am recalling again the latest Astra album The Black Chord (review here), as both Angelenos and Diegans lie on the same tangent. In Dreams and Time is like The Black Chord looking-forward, fatigueless and most importantly growing release. Whether it’s heavy in all its doomness (Whispers) or ambiental in its minimalistic avantgarde (The Last Return), the album is a well balanced and a highly enjoyable act.

The centerpieces of the record come in the shapes of two 10+ minutes slabs, Corryvreckan (12′ 08″) and First Light (19′ 19″). The first one, having the Hammond organ building its backbone throughout the song, with vocals coming from chants to sludge-like screams, is a half prog-half doom structured number. On the other side, second heavyweight is a bleached Neurosis reference, but that’s something what we already knew about Ancestors. However, First Light is a Hawkwindian space-led psychedelia, with much slower pace in its central part. Hammond harmonies are left to scatter around the post-progrock vibe managed by guitars and vocals. The song needs time to show its perfection, reaching the peak between 13th and 15th minute, but a sudden break encounters bringing the tune in an easy finish.

I don’t know if it’s their desire for a continuous improvement or natural growth, but Los Angeles’ Ancestors show off an enormous repertoire of knowledge and creativity on In Dreams and Time. With Darwin’s way of thinking their future is bright. So is ours.


01. Running in Circles
02. The Last Return
03. Corryvreckan
04. On the Wind
05. Running in Circles
06. First Light


* Justin Maranga – Guitar, Vocals
* Nick Long – Bass, Vocals
* Jason Watkins – Organ, Piano, Vocals
* Matt Barks – Moog & Modular Synthesizers, Guitar, Vocals
* Daniel Pouliot – Drums


Nikola Savić is a prog enthusiast, blogger and author, in addition to being the founder of Prog Sphere, Progify, ProgLyrics and the ongoing Progstravaganza compilation series.

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