Album Review: Anakdota – Overloading


With infectious energy and dynamic compositions, Anakdota’s “Overloading” is an excellent example that smart, creative, and complex music can also be very approachable and exciting.

This album is chock full of outstanding songs; meaningful vocals attesting the need for individuality and playing which absolutely sizzles with dexterity. The group’s playing twists and turns with constant rhythmic shifts and complex melodies.

The album’s length and timbre of the lead singer’s voices that serve as an antithesis to the work of pianist Erez Aviram, work very well. Additionally, Aviram is shows such a variety of keys, combining melody and dynamic in such a great way.

“Overloading’s” complex, yet approachable sound will appeal to prog veterans and fans who appreciate a modern rendition of an old school vibe.

The album is available here.

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