Agnieszka Świta – Sleepless

Agnieszka Świta - Sleepless

Polish vocalist discovered by the very productive keyboardist Clive Nolan (Pendragon, Shadowland), Agnieszka Świta entered the world of neo-prog by going on board the rock opera project Caamora. She has a particular delicate and pleading voice – sometimes with a more than welcome “tremolo” –    blending the passion of operatic singers and the aversion of punk vocalists (think Nina Hagen).

The music on ‘Sleepless’ is without compromises, a melodic progressive rock with fiery guitars, explosive drums and orchestral keyboards. From the sweet “Borderland” to the pounding “Code Of Humans” through the reflective “Disclosure”, the band navigates on various emotional seas, without ever losing sight of the listener’s pleasure and attention.

Agnieszka delivered with ‘Sleepless’ an album where you can sense all the musicians’ inspiration and experience for a majestic work of art. The involvement of her pal of Caamora, Clive Nolan, shows a great mutual respect towards each other, and it was only justice made to her to lend a hand in this very first album, that, as you understood, is highly reommended, whatever your musical tastes.


01. Something to Believe

02. Code of Humans (Cosmo, Pt. 1)

03. Disclosure (Cosmo, Pt. 2)

04. Asylum (Cosmo, Pt. 3)

05. Borderland

06. Trapped

07. Scarlet

08. Back to Life

09. In Her Arms

10. Sleepless


* Agnieszka Świta (Caamora, Clive Nolan) – vocals
* Clive Nolan (Pendragon, Arena, Caamora) – keyboards, orchestrations, backing vocals
* Steve Harris (Ark, Paul Menel Band) – guitars
* Andy Faulkner (Jump, Twelfth Night) – bass
* Dave Mackintosh (Dragon Force) – drums

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