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19 A.D.D. is the instrumental progressive metal trio from Denver, Colorado that’s been around since 2006, originally formed as Black Helicopters. Led by an idea of mixing complex arrangements and time signatures with ambient soundscapes, they released two albums – 2008′s Dead River and 2011′s GAIA.

Having been compared with the likes such Mastodon, Pelican, Cynic and Behold… The Arctopus after the release of debut, the Denverites were aware that what they do and the way how they do it, has already been a case of study. However, the sophomore album is showing the other side. Taking their refereces carefully, the band decided to get off the easy path and that resulted with GAIA which in comparison with Dead River is taking significantly more serious approach in the band’s craftsmenship. From atmospheric, ambient over the jazzy approached tunes and furthermore to complex metallic rockers, GAIA is type of all-in-one experiment. Experimenting with wide field of genres, this recording shows its dynamic side unscrupulously. It’s quite unpredictable and always intriguing release, filled with heterogeneity. With its 80 minutes, GAIA is an album that requires tons of listenings in order to understand it completely.

It’s ungrateful to write about this album in a track-by-track style. Piecing twelve songs that are coming from different paths and shaping them in an entity is a challenging task, but the band’s response to this challenge is more than confident. With roving sounds that often surpass the whimiscal and surreal realms, relying on archaic and modern, aesthetic and chaotic, 19 A.D.D. are setting off for an evolutionary journey.


1. Ataxia 3:41
2. Terre 6:19
3. Scoria 6:52
4. Khonsu 4:43
5. Acasta 11:56
6. Isua 3:34
7. Apex 3:08
8. Aria 3:45
9. Axiom 4:06
10. Cortex 9:21
11. Untitled Track 14:10


* Eric Pereira – drums
* Jared Emery – guitar
* Matt Blanks – bass



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  1. 19ADD

    April 20, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    Visit our bandcamp site to listen to GAIA for free, and if you enjoy it – name your own price for a download! Generous contributions encourage more material – support independent music!

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