Ayahuasca Dark Trip – Mind Journey

Much suitable for the phrase “Dark Trip”… AYAHUASCA DARK TRIP can be the conductor into dark / stoner trips.

A multi-national (Peru – Brazil – Netherlands) rock project AYAHUASCA DARK TRIP may have been inspired and saturated by multi-national music essence… Southern rock beats, Western heavy / metal / stoner style, and mysteriously Eastern- or Indo-oriented psychedelic fuzz. Lots of elements now mentioned can be seen here and there, in such a simple (but deeply-matured) structure of their songs. I’m sure the first bullet “Astral Sunset”, pouring bulky loud stoner psychedelic riffs continually, can absorb lots of stoner rock freaks all over the world (including me)… Let me say, as a Japanese, their Oriental flavour is not assertive at all but their soundscape can be seasoned with this mysterious flavour. Furthermore, infernal sound effects created mainly (maybe) by Pedro and Brayan is beyond expression, making us achy-breaky indeed. Magical chorus with kaleidoscopic noises in “Mind Journey” should push us listeners off into hallucinogenic state of mind (cannot realize what the words mean but croon beyond ourselves surely). Under a magnificent rainstorm of their dreadful but comfortable sounds, we cannot be confused but go ahead into another meditative square. Bizarre electronic experiments and dry-fruity synthesizer or keyboard solos under their stone-based psychedelia can remind us something of Krautrock like Brast Burn. Another novel texture can be heard in the last “To The Holy Mountain”. An improvised guitar solo by Brayan, Buddy’s rumbling bass-quake, and Pedro’s steady, keen, scooping drumming. All are encouraged and well-furmented, matured together, like a great whisky.

The third “Space Raga” is the most challenging improvisation journey of all in this album. And yes, for me it’s the real mind journey. Mellow and plaintive guitar-based creation, with a bunch of music characters popping up one by one, definitely can veil us with its safe, watery sounds, and terrific intervals between one phrase and another. Suggest we can consider them as not a simple stoner psychedelic progressive but exact Mind Journey?

A splendid and very promising work.


1. Astral Sunset (8:51)
2. Mind Journey (15:41)
3. Space Raga (8:18)
4. To The Holy Mountain (10:28)


* Brayan Buckt – guitar, effects
* Buddy Van Nieuwenhoven – bass, guitar
* Pedro Ivo Araujo – organ, drums, voices



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