OMB To Unleash „SwineSong“ On September 1st; Tracklist & Cover Art Revealed

Israeli progressive metal weavers, Omb, set September 1st as the official release date for the debut album called SwineSong.

The band members include Or Rozenfeld on bass, Davidavi Dolev on vocals, Yuval Tamir on drums and Yuval Kramer on guitars, all of them involved with other bands such Amaseffer, Reign of the Architect and Dark Serpent.

Formed in 2009 as a trio comprised of Rozenfeld, Dolev and Tamir, the band performed under the name Of Marble’s Black within the Israeli metal scene and harvested great superlatives from local critics. Striving for a constant change and willing to explore the progressive metal genre within its boundaries, in 2012 Omb recorded SwineSong, with the help of Kramer as a sound engineer. The album was mixed and mastered by Andre Alvinzi and Jens Bogren in Fascination Street Studios. Kramer became the fourth member of the band at the end of 2012.

Commented on the album the band states: „In this album, we  wanted to present to the listeners the places we were, as musicians, throughout the process. In order to obtain that unique sound, we recruited old and new friends (mostly unknown) from different genres to bring their own style of playing into each song. The album was self-composed, self- arranged and self-produced.

SwineSong includes ten songs of progressive metal with a flair and a confident sense of the genre in its maturity. A song off the album called An Ordinary Caveman Sings an Ode to Obsession is available as free download from the Progstravaganza compilation on THIS LOCATION.

SwineSong tracklist:

01. Milosh Had Seen Better Days

02. These Walls…

03. An Ordinary Caveman Sings an Ode to Obsession

04. Mother Gazelle, Father Horse

05. Someday My Prince Will Come

06. A Smaller Dose of Tyranny

07. Undergrowth

08. Oh Mrs. Wade! You Shouldn’t Have!

09. Better Days Indeed

10. The Cricket’s Broken Violin

SwineSong is set to be released on September 1st, under the band’s private independent label-group Ward7. To preorder the album go to THIS LOCATION.


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