Progressive Rock & Metal Compilation

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Progressive rock compilation series with tendency of supporting up and coming bands? The answer is ProgstravaganzaProg Sphere‘s ultimate progressive rock compilation series.

The first compilation was released in August 2010. Ever since then Prog Sphere released eighteen editions.

Over the course of time through the series paraded 430 bands. It showed that progressive rock and its related subgenres have potential to bring something good in the 21st century. We tend to release new compilation in every two months. That means that we are open for the music submissions all the time.

Below you can find FAQ and more info about our progressive rock compilation series.

How to submit music for Progstravaganza progressive rock compilation?

Artists should contact us by sending an email to Do not just send your links or mp3′s, because such emails will not be considered as valid submissions.

What does Progstravaganza progressive rock compilation include?

Unlike other music compilations, Progstravaganza (besides compilation itself) offers other features. These include interviews, reviews, questionnaires, streams and artists profiles. But that’s not everything. We actively promote the samplers and artists through the social networks, radio stations and media.

Where Progstravaganza progressive rock compilation is available from?

Progstravaganza compilations are available from Prog Sphere’s Bandcamp profile. In addition, there is the compilation’s official website. Bandcamp is a great platform for artists promotion and it provides great statsinsights.

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