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Progstravaganza CD

Unsigned Bands Invited to Take Part on First Progstravaganza CD Edition (Updated: July 19th, 2014)

In August 2010, Prog Sphere started a compilation series called Progstravaganza. Almost four years later, with 19 released editions (the 20th part will be released by the end of July), with over 430 bands and more than 50,000 downloads, Prog Sphere is compiling the first physical edition of the series.

Prog Sphere invites unsigned bands from all around the world to take part on the physical Progstravaganza edition. In addition to the feature on the sampler, the selected bands will receive special treatment on Prog Sphere’s main website through interviews, reviews, special articles, podcasts, radio features, lyric/photo videos, streamings, advertisements and more, with exposure of 2M views per month. The special addition to this ultimate prog bundle is accompanied with a six-month promotional campaign through Prog Sphere Promotions for each of the artists, plus features in the special Progstravaganza magazine which will be available along with the sampler. Artists are required to get in touch with Prog Sphere by sending an email to including a download link of the up to 7 minutes long song aimed for the sampler, short biography and links. Submissions for the inclusion on the first Progstravaganza CD release are open until September 10th, 2014.

Please note that there is a fee for entries that qualify.

Update (July 19, 2014): One of the bands off the Progstravaganza CD will get an opportunity to release an album through Prog Sphere. A poll will be posted on our website and the band that receives most votes will be selected.

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