Fans Regret Calling Prog Band Back for Encore

Fans Regret Calling Prog Band Back for Encore

Wichita, Kansas — A prog evening at the Rocky Bar last night brought a bill with five bands sharing the stage, but after the first band finished their set at 3AM the club was already empty. Members of other bands blamed the opening band Epic Tunes for Epic People and the audience.

Namely, as we find out from a local prog fan Rich, after Epic Tunes for Epic People finished their set, they were called back to the stage for an encore. The group performed one more tune, a 67-minute jam titled “Down the Rabbit Hole.”

We called the band back to the stage because they were absolutely killing it during their set, but nobody really expected that they will play for an hour more,” says Rich.

Other groups were very professional and agreed to play their sets.

Epic Tunes for Epic People didn’t give any statements so far.

Disclaimer: This post is a satire, and is a part of the fully satirical category of the website called Progging, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways.

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