Fan Misses Show Because It Starts on Time


Belgrade, Serbia — Darko Petrovic (26) from the Serbian capital, a student of Management at the Megatrend University, was shocked on Friday night after visiting a club for a gig of two local bands.

The show was scheduled for 10PM, and Petrovic arrived to the club two minutes after midnight just to find the bands packing their stuff.

I was shocked, disappointed, angry,” says Petrovic. “How could that even happen? The concert had to start late.

In Belgrade, and Serbia, it’s almost standard that concerts never start on time, and that was the main reason why Petrovic wasn’t satisfied.

Because of the fact that concerts here always start later than planned, I took my time and enjoyed a hot bath at home,” he continued.

Local bands were also surprised that the gig started at 10PM.

We were really surprised to see that a sound tech was already at the club. We kind of expected issues with the PA, but fortunately for us and unfortunately for Darko, It didn’t happen,” says Oliver, bassist of Teargas.

After he left the club, Petrovic found his “quantum of solace” at a near burger house, eating two big, hot “pljeskavica.”

Disclaimer: This post is a satire, and is a part of the fully satirical category of the website called Progging, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways.

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