Club Forbids Prog Bands to Perform

Club Forbids Prog Bands to Perform

Rapid City, South Dakota — Stoning Roll Club in Rapid City has brought a decision not to let Prog bands to perform anymore at their location.

The reasons for this executive order are, as they say, a very poor attendance on the Prog gigs resulting in a very low income.

The club manager, Patrick Harrison, says: “Though Progressive Rock has gave birth to some of my favorite bands such ELO, and Radiohead, etc, we cannot have our space hosting Prog events anymore. The attendance on the shows is very bad, and few proggers that come to check out bands do not drink anything except soda. We have to take care of our business.

A 56 year old Prog fan, Roger, was very disappointed with this decision.

That’s just bad! They are directly forcing people to become alcoholics. I’m speechless,” said Roger.

Disclaimer: This post is a satire, and is a part of the fully satirical category of the website called Progging, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways.

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