Remembering Lemmy Kilmister

Although the man himself is gone, his legacy lives on

It’s been seven years on since the world lost a true rock icon and it would be fair to say we’re still not over it. Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead redefined rock and roll for a whole generation. He kept up his role as lead man right up until the end, despite a barrage of health issues and for that, as well as a whole load of other stuff that we’re about to go into, we salute him. Whether you’re a diehard Motorhead fan, or you’re only familiar with Ace of Spades, this man had a truly exceptional life.

Blagging King

Before Motorhead, Lemmy played bass in the space rock band Hawkwind, quite a CV! However, what many people don’t know is just how Lemmy managed to get the part of playing for the band. Hawkwind were seriously struggling to find a bassist and were already friends with Lemmy. When their current bassist failed to show up for a gig in Notting Hill, Lemmy couldn’t resist jumping on stage to fill in for him. Whilst this might seem like a noble thing to do, what you might not have guessed is that Lemmy had never played bass before in his life. Anyway, the gig went off without a hitch and nobody in the audience seemed to guess that Lemmy hadn’t exactly mastered his instrument. Lemmy got the gig full time and spent a pretty hedonistic time touring with Hawkwind for the next four years. Sadly for Lemmy, the band voted to fire him at the end of those years. Lemmy took it a little personally and set out on a mission to seduce each and every one of their wives.

Speed Lyricist

Whilst Lemmy, was best known for his hard-rocking and even harder partying ways, he had a pensive side too. The Ace of Spades is known as a poker player’s anthem and it features some clever lyrics, but what many people don’t know is just how quickly those words were written. Lemmy professed to writing them in the back of a Ford Transit van, speeding down a motorway, in about twenty minutes. He said that he tried to cram in as many poker references as possible into the 2:45 ripper and it would be fair to say that he more than succeeded. Hilariously, Lemmy is more into slot machines, or as he calls them, one-armed bandits, but when he thought about writing a song about, them, he realised that poker was a little more romantic. For those who feel like playing a game or two after listening to Ace of Spades, Arabian Betting has composed a list of live dealer casinos that are available in Arabic countries. They’ve included the bonuses that are available, as well as ensuring each site is independently verified as safe and secure. Whilst from the sounds of the lyrics it seems as though Lemmy had some poker playing mishaps, on a safe casino site the same shouldn’t be the case for you.

Inspiring Others


The mark of a true musician is the impression that they leave on the generation of musicians after them. Frank Bello of legendary Thrash metal band Anthrax has always been a big fan of Motorhead, but has a couple of memories of Lemmy that stick out above all of the others for him. The first was when he happened to be on stage during a Motorhead soundcheck. Once it was over, Lemmy asked him to come over and gave him his bass guitar, telling Frank to ‘Go for it.’ What an already slightly nervous Frank didn’t know was that Lemmy had turned the volume up, all the way up. Frank played one note and was immediately blown backwards by the sheer force of the sound. Lemmy was cracking up and after a moment to recover, so too was Frank. The way that he made the biggest impression on Frank though, was when he showed him through his lineup on stage. How he liked things to be set whenever he played a show. On top of his monitor Lemmy always had a line of picks, labelled ‘Lemmy Picks’ but apparently he didn’t actually play with these ones. Instead, he always kept just one pick in his pocket, the one he always played with. In a moment of tenderness that only the kindest of rock and rollers are capable of, he took the pick out of his pocket and gave it to Frank.

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