Looking For A Midi Keyboard? Here Are Some Buying Tips


If you’re looking to buy a MIDI keyboard, then we understand your pain. It can become extremely difficult to buy the best MIDI controller for you when there are hundreds of options out there. Identifying your needs first is important as it’ll help you get a MIDI keyboard that will suit you best, so you can continue or start making wonderful music. The right MIDI keyboard can make your music production process much easier and also widen your opportunities to create great music.


Considering your budget before you go on to buy a MIDI keyboard is important. However, even before deciding on a budget, you need to ask yourself: “What am I buying it for?” If you’re looking to buy a MIDI keyboard for the first time or you’re looking to learn then, you should go for a basic MIDI keyboard that you can get for under $100. Going for the basic type is advisable because the chances are that you will not need the extra features that come with the expensive, more advanced MIDI keyboards. However, if you’re a professional player and have enough money to spend, then you should definitely put quality over everything else. More expensive MIDI keyboards tend to have better longevity, and they will probably have all the features that you’re looking for.

Consider The Number And Size Of Keys

You will need to consider the size and number of keys that you want on your keyboard. Usually, these keyboards feature keybeds with 25, 37, 49, 88, or 61 keys. If you’re looking to create samples or a bassline, then a 25-key MIDI keyboard will work for you. However, if you are someone who plays two-handed parts, then choosing a MIDI Keyboard with 61 or 88 keybeds will be the better option for you. It is also important to consider the size of the keys as well. You can either go for full-sized keys or for mini keys that are more suitable for traveling or simple sampling of music. However, mini keys may be difficult to play because of their small size. If you’re not looking for a portable option, then you may want to go for the full-sized keys.

Size Of The Keyboard

Another tip to keep in mind is the size of your keyboard. If you like to travel, then you may not want a huge 88-key keyboard. You will need something smaller and portable that you can fit with your other equipment and make music on the go. However, if you work at home, then you may want to go for a solid and robust MIDI keyboard that will allow you to play two-handed parts across the octaves. Moreover, larger keyboards also mean heavier weight. If you wouldn’t have to do much lifting, then you should go ahead with a full-sized keyboard.


The right MIDI keyboard for you will help you in creating the music that you and everyone else will come to love. As your creative process is unique to you, so is your keyboard. It can make the process of your music production much smoother. Whether you’re a touring musician who needs a portable MIDI or a composer who likes to work at home- there is something out there for everyone.

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