From Jazz to Rock: How Music Enhances The Blackjack Experience

Casino and live music have been going together for a very long time. From jazz singers like Billie Holiday to rock legends like Elvis Presley to rappers like 50cents, casino stages have seen it all.


The Lounge

Anyone visiting a brick-and-mortar casino to spin a couple of slots or play around with blackjack or two will hit the lounge, eventually. There, soft music plays at a low tempo, where you can grab a drink and eat. It’s where players relax before going (or coming back) to the game floor. Jazz music is perfect for this kind of situation. Stars like Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker would play in those lounges frequently.

Slow and soft tunes are proven to help with concentration and have a calming effect. After all, gamblers must have a place to unwind. Hence, it’s a tactical investment for casinos.

Party Time

Of casinos, casinos aren’t all about relaxing and unwinding. So, there are raves and pop concerts to keep bringing new audiences to the game. Turns out that throwing legendary parties is also great for business.

Blackjack and Pop Culture

Blackjack has inspired mathematicians to composers, and movie writers. With the book Beat the Dealer and the MIT Team, the game became officially part of pop culture. Even more so after Kevin Spacey’s movie came out in 2008.

The game has also inspired stars like Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra. Some lyrics tell the story of someone who lost everything at 21. Others flirt with luck as if it was a lady before hitting the casino floor. In times of streaming content, it’s pretty easy to find a playlist dedicated to blackjack playing.

Celebrities also help the game to stay mainstream. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are famous in the casino grounds not only for their movies. In fact, Ben Affleck was once suspended from the Hard Rock Casino, accused of card-counting.

Music and Concentration


Music is a very personal matter, and there isn’t a taste like another. The same stands true when it comes to music for concentration and task performance. Some people need smooth and pleasant sounds in the background to remain calm and focused. Other players can find this kind of tune pretty boring, preferring some more upbeat songs. So, the “right answer” is really up to the player’s taste in the end.


It doesn’t matter if you want that 50s vibe, or something more 80′s and 90′s, because of the MIT Blackjack Team. Pick something entirely different, if you please. Music can be a great way of soothing the tensions of a blackjack game. That’s why land-based casinos with soft music are the most ideal place to start your bets and remain cool, calm and collected.

However, if you’re playing it online, you have the word of options at your fingertips. These days, with the advent of the internet and streaming platforms, you can curate a playlist or select one from the many options to set the mood.

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