YŪREI Release “Wandering Flame” Video

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New to the realm of progressive metal, Yūrei has been seeking a common ground between progressive insanity and musical concepts used in RPG greats like “Final Fantasy” to create a syncretic experience which will transport listeners to musical worlds beyond time itself.

Yūrei EP tells the story of a world envisioned in the mind of the nameless architect. While the world is imaginary, however, the struggles and emotions felt in this world are all to real and are told lyrically and musically in this concept experience.

Founder/guitarist, Gabriel Castro explains the EP’s concept saying, ”The concept of the EP takes place in most part inside an omniscient being’s mind. At some points throughout the story, you are taken outside of this world and the music reflects struggles in life and how the five towers which govern their world represent emotions felt by us as human beings. A lot of these ideas are deeply in the music and abstract but I really hope people can listen to the music and feel the emotions I put into it and relate with it in ways that maybe I didn’t even intend originally.

The EP was mixed by Evan Sammons (Last Chance To Reason) and mastered by Jamie King (The Contortionist, Between The Buried And Me). Evan talks about his contribution to the EP saying: Yūrei is the most exciting project I’ve been an instrumentally creative part of since I’ve stepped into the world of session drumming and production. The moment I heard Gabriel‘s demos I knew I had to get in on it. It was a blast to track drums for and a pleasure to mix.

The video single for the song “Wandering Flames” is out now, and it features guest appearances from Domenico Lorusso (guest solo), Last Chance to Reason‘s Chris Corey (bass) and Evan Sammons (drums). Castro commented: “‘Wandering Flameis the softest but perhaps one of the deepest and most emotional songs, lyrically and musically, on the EP.

Yūrei‘s self-titled EP is out on April 25th, and will be available from Bandcamp.

Yūrei track listing:

The Genesis Tree
Wandering Flame
Insomnium I: Portal
Insomnium II: Koladolg
Insomnium III: The Fifth Spire

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