United Progressive Fraternity

Former members of Unitopia formed a new band called United Progressive Fraternity and they put out a debut video for The Water, featuring ex-Yes vocalist Jon Anderson. See it below.

United Progressive Fraternity is Mark Trueack, Matt Williams, Dave Hopgood and Tim Irrgang, with Guy Manning, Steven Gee and Ian Ritchie. Their debut album, Fall In Love With The World, features appearances by Steve Hackett and Steve Unrah.

Singer Mark Trueack commented: “My original concept was to make this a universal project, allowing not only the members to come and go as they please, but also inviting the listener to share ideas on what they would like to hear – in other words, making UPF the people’s group.

There are bands all over the world who like to express concerns over social injustice and the environment we live in. How can a project like this be any different?

If people are willing to share their inner thoughts and have enough courage to accept different ideas and expand on them, we can make a difference. Conflict appears more and more inevitable, and our environment harder to live in as climate change takes its toll. If projects like ours can make a difference, we will have a better world.

United Progressive Fraternity are planning a tour of the Europe this fall. They will also perform at this year’s Summer End Festival. Fall in Love with the World is due in October.

Check the band on Facebook.

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