UCAN2 Premiere New Single “Pompeii”


Instrumental rock quartet from Brno in Czech Republic, Ucan2 have premiered a new single for the song called “Pompeii.” The single is available from the band’s Bandcamp page as a “name-your-price” download.

Guitarist Petr Bartonek commented: “We were trying to do something different and more complex so the song started by a simple idea and we added little parts together that showed us where to go. The bass and drum parts glue very well together and thats the solid bottom for the rest of the guitars.

The name of the song came by itself. When we rehearsed the song, we had a strange feeling that we couldn’t figure out what did it mean, but it was definitely a fire burning inside of us. I think that ‘Pompeii‘ says it all and other then that it is a good name for a single of our next album titled ‘Fire.’¬†This song is a huge step forward for us, it’s our first song that we made together as a band, and I think that it shows how we understand each other. The song is fresh and modern, and we are very proud of the outcome.”

Asked to compare where “Pompei” stands comparing to the band’s old material, Bartonek commented: “The old material was simpler, that’s for sure. We write music that makes us happy, and we are very glad that people can understand it even when there are no words.

Listen to “Pompeii” from Ucan2‘s upcoming album “Fire” below, and support the band by downloading it from Bandcamp. Follow Ucan2 on Facebook for future updates.

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