Tusmørke Premiere New Song on Prog Archives

With exactly one week left before the release of their debut Underjordisk Tusmørke, Norway’sTusmørke are excited to premiere another new track. Get a first listen to “The Quintessence of Elements” courtesy of Prog Archives HERE.

Last week The Obelisk debuted the opening track from Underjordisk Tusmørke. The song entitled “Fimbul” can be heard HERE.

Tusmørke (Norwegian for twilight) go straight to the heart of the psychedelic matter on their full-length debut album Underjordisk Tusmørke (Subterranean Twilight). Culling influences from such prog-psych luminaries as Gong and Caravan, krautrock giants like Can and Amon Düul 2, pagan folksters like The Incredible String Band as well as a healthy dose of Nordic folk music,Tusmørke present a dark cauldron of magical, musical potions.

The band’s history can be traced back to the mid-nineties and the budding, Scandinavian scene of new progressive bands. Back then, the Momrak twins who are the beating heart of Tusmørkecalled their band Les Fleurs de Mal. The band featured future Wobbler vocalist Andreas Prestmo, and they shared the stage with other up-and-coming bands like White Willow. Via intricate pathways, this evolved into Tusmørke, whose music is darker, more intense and dare we say primeval, than the more delicate Les Fleurs de Mal. The album you are holding in your hands will conjure up images of pagan rites, witches dancing in the firelight serenading the new moon, eldritch wizards conjuring dark spirits… And it’s no gimmick: This band lives and breathes the same air that flows through the magical lands their music describes.

Tusmørke is:

Benediktator – bass and vocals (Momrakattakk, Lydia Laska)
Krizla – flute and vocals (Momrakattakk)
HlewagastiR – drums (Wobbler, Angst Skvadron)
Deadly Nightshade – keyboards (Årabrot, This is Music Inc.).

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