TODD LA TORRE-Fronted QUEENSRYCHE: “Ad Lucem” Mini-Movie Released


The version of Queensryche fronted by Todd La Torre have released their 11-minute mini-movie Ad Lucem. View it below.

It includes sections of four tracks from their self-titled album, released earlier this year: SporeA World WithoutMidnight Lullaby and X2.

La Torre says of the video: “The overall theme of the song Spore is one that deals with personal demons, relationship struggles, career pressures, personal/professional morals and ethical dilemmas. These are issues we all face on some level and the video touches upon them all.

Midnight Lullaby and A World Without deal with the loss of a mother during childbirth, leaving the father as a single parent, struggling to move forward through the turmoil. X2, though it opens up our album, provides for a nice outro to it all.

“The end result is a roller coaster of emotion in an effort to find a healthy resolve. We feel this conceptual video will really resonate with our fans.”

La Torre became the band’s vocalist after they fired co-founder Geoff Tate last year. Tate is currently working with his own Queensyche lineup and a court will decide in January which side is to be given ownership of the name.

(source Prog Magazine)

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