THRESHOLD Working On A New Album


Threshold are at work on what will be their tenth studio album – and guitarist Karl Groom hopes the change of pace is permanent.

Their previous studio outing was 2012′s March Of Progress, their first with vocalist Damian Wilson since his return in 2009. Fans had been forced to wait five years for the sequel to Dead Reckoning.

Groom reports that he and keyboardist Rich West started thinking about new material during their last stint on the road.

“Our touring for the March Of Progress album inspired Rich and I to get writing not long after the main set of dates,” he says.

“Other members of the band have also been writing. Right now I’m tracking rhythm guitars and drummer Johanne [James] is due in the studio as soon as we put the finishing touches on a couple of songs.

“It’s good to cut the time between releases. Hopefully 2014 will be another memorable year for Threshold.”

(source Prog Magazine)

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