THE TANGENT Sends Video Message Inspired By CAMEL’s “The Snow Goose”


Andy Tillison of The Tangent has published a “just-for -fun” video message playing a music inspired by Camel’s “The Snow Goose”. View the video below.

Andy Tillison Diskdrive (The Tangent) records his multitrack homage to Camel in front of a few video cameras. No Miming! This is NOT a cover version, it’s an original piece of music that owes a lot of its construction to Camel’s work in the mid 1970s.

The recording was MADE during this session and all the video angles happen in real time – there are no cutaways. The BASS parts were also filmed but were later replaced because Andy was not happy with what he did on the day – hence bass is not covered in the video. It was, however, done on keyboards in the same way as the rest. There are 2 corrections (bad bum notes which were subsequently edited) – see if you can find the discrepancy between the video and the audio! 

Andy does NOT advocate keyboards as a replacement for guitars,drums or anything else. It’s what CAN be done, not what SHOULD be done. This was, as was mentioned earlier – FOR FUN.

You can buy this track at the band’s website With the purchase you receive the video – a flac & MP3 version of the song – plus several other tracks from the recent Tangent/Po90/GFDD “download” series including music going as far back as 1987. An ideal introduction to the Tangent and its music. SUBSTANTIAL PROCEEDS from sales will be donated to various Cancer Charities.

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