THE SURREALIST Release “Canvas Sky” Single via IT DJENTS

THE SURREALIST Premiere "Self Spiral" Single; "Naked Awareness" EP Out in September

Boston based instrumental progressive pruveyors, The Surrealist, who recently transformed from a duo to a power trio, have released a lead single off of the upcoming EP Naked Awareness, scheduled for the September 17th release. The single for “Canvas Sky” was exclusively premiered by It Djents, and can be seen below.

Talking previously about the creative process for the upcoming EP Naked Awareness, The Surrealist commented, “Whenever we sit down to record, we rarely have any predisposed ideas. The writing phase and recording phase happen simultaneously, meaning that we would come up with a certain idea, or part of an idea, and then record it, vet it, and make any necessary changes before moving on to the next part of the song or idea. So essentially, we have no clue how the song will sound before we sit down to record, and we end up being pleasantly surprised with how it turns out.  We just let whatever feels right at the time to guide the direction of the song. It sort of writes itself really. It’s pretty crazy.

Naked Awareness is out on September 17th, you can pre-order it from Bandcamp now. Stream single “Canvas Sky” below, YouTube stream courtesy of It Djents. Follow The Surrealist on Facebook.

The Surrealist line-up:

Roopam Garg – guitars
John-Marc Degaard – drums
Beauman Edwards – bass

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