THE FLOWER KINGS Studio Diary: The Making of “Desolation Rose” [Video]


The Flower Kings guitarist Hesse Froberg had doubts over mainman Roine Stolt’s approach to upcoming album Desolation Rose.

In a new studio diary video, below, Froberg discusses his concerns after Stolt suggested a new approach ahead of recording sessions for the record, due on October 28 via InsideOut.

“It was Roine’s idea to bring a couple of ideas, themes, riffs or whatever and start from almost nothing,” the guitarist says. I was the one who was sceptical about it. ‘What if it won’t take off?’

“I got very enthusiastic after a couple of days. In my opinion it really took off.”

Stolt adds: “We did work in a different way.”

Drummer Felix Lehrmann, the most recent addition to the lineup, appeared on 2012′s Banks Of Edenbefore having the opportunity to tour with his colleagues. He reflects: “In the studio we met each other for the first time. Now we’ve played 50 or 60 shows together it’s starting to sound like a band. We’ve got to know each other.”

The Flower Kings previously released a stream of teaser clips from Desolation Rose.

(source Prog magazine)

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