TERAMAZE Premiere Video for “Her Halo”

TERAMAZE Premiere Video for "Her Halo"

Along with the release of their new album titled “Her Halo,” Australian progressive metallers Teramaze premiere a video for the title song from the album. Watch it below. The video was produced by Stagewolff Productions.

Her Halo, the title track from Teramaze’s new album continues to delve deeper into the dark travelling show concept of the record and particularly psyche of the trapeze artist and her conflicting emotions that runs throughout the centre of this stunning album and offers up a prequel to the tragic Out of Subconscious video.

Discussing the concept guitarist/songwriter Dean Wells elaborates; “Her Halo is the third track in the concept where the story goes into more detail about the trapeze artist herself and how she sees her world. On the stage she is the star, the masterpiece and elegance radiates off of her, but behind the closed curtain she is broken, self-destructive and ready to fall apart.

Continuing he adds, “She represents a deep depression and showing only the side she wants everyone to see, her masquerade. As the song progresses the facade she puts on starts to decay and the people around her see that she is just like everyone else.

Beautifully shot, the video reflects the depth, sensitivity and cinematic story telling of a band hitting their peak and it offers a poignant insight into the events that unravelled in Out of Subconscious which you can see here.

In Her Halo Teramaze have created an incredibly layered and textual story of real depth, drama and intensity about events that unfold within a travelling show; the facades, the elation, the extravagant performances and the conflict that lies within everyone involved.

Her Halo

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